Mosaic T - the new discrete multibit DAC

With the new Mosaic T multibit DAC we can finally start enjoying digital audio.

The Mosaic discrete multibit DAC design uses i2s decoding, a fuzzy logic clock and a Toslink interface to completely remove all interference and jitter introduced by digital circuits. The negative prejudices about Toslink are greatly exaggerated, although it adds jitter, in our design Toslink is a must for galvanic isolation from external digital circuits. After receiving Toslink data all interference is removed by our i2s decoding, fuzzy logic clock and Mosaic DAC design.

The resulting sound is very tranquil but at the same time very detailed and exact. At first the tranquility makes you think something is missing but everything is still there, just in a more refined natural way. Start enjoying digital audio with our Mosaic T DAC.

Mosaic T

192 kHz discrete multibit DAC

Discrete multibit DAC available as 16 or 24 bit version.
Input: 1 x Toslink.
Output: 1 x Analog (fixed).

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Mosaic VC

Volume Control.

Passive Volume Control with IR remote.
Input: 6 x Toslink, 2 x Analog.
Output: 1 x Toslink, 1 x Analog.

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XMOS based 192 kHz USB to Toslink converter

Create an USB DAC by connecting the Mosaic T DAC to the XTOS USB to Toslink converter. Use host volume setting to control Mosaic VC volume over Toslink.

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BeagleBone Black

Tiny silent computer that sends music from a NAS or Media server to the XTOS converter.

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Equilibrium Stereo Amplifier (available soon)

Our new Stereo Amplifier is designed to accurately reveal the sound of our Mosaic T DAC

Accurately reproducing sound requires perfect control of the speakers and undistorted amplification of even the lowest levels of details. This was accomplished using a fully balanced design and a new linear electronic power supply with very low ripple, even under maxium load.


Stereo Amplifier

Fully balanced amplifier that is capable of reproducing even the lowest levels of detail. This is required to fully reveal the performance of our Mosaic T DAC.

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High resolution loudspeaker

Our Modestsa high resolution loudspeakers were designed to accurately reveal the sound of our new Mosaic DACs

The Modesta is a high resolution loudspeaker based on golden ratio, makes use of the natural frequency and has high sensitivity (90 dB).


High resolution loudspeaker

High resolution speaker that reproduces music in a natural way and without coloration.

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