From source to speaker...

Our audio products cover the whole range from source to speaker.
Below you will find our products and their main features.
Check the Block Diagram for more technical details.

Finesse image


  • Air motion transformer
  • 4 Mid range drivers
  • Open baffle
  • Sonic resonator
  • 1st order filter

High resolution speaker with open baffle and sonic resonator

The Finesse has been designed to offer fast transient impulse response, high resolution and minimum coloration. Fast transient impulse response has been achieved using drivers with light weight diaphragm.
High resolution has been obtained by using multiple drivers increasing radiated surface area.
Low coloration is obtained by using open baffle and self correcting sonic resonator.

Mosaic T image

Equilibrium ZF Monoblock

  • No global feedback
  • Class A
  • Circlotron
  • RCA sockets

High resolution circlotron zero global feedback monoblock

The Equilibrium ZF monoblock amplifier prevents correction between the in and output signal.
Therefore the Equilibrium has been designed to provide low distortion and low output impedance without using global feedback.

Mosaic VC image

Mosaic UV

  • Discrete 24 bit Mosaic multibit DAC
  • 44.1 kHz - 192 kHz
  • USB to I2S conversion with galvanic isolation
  • Bit perfect test
  • Passive volume control + IR remote
  • 3 analog inputs
  • Integrated linear power supply
  • RCA sockets

Affordable top performance USB DAC with analog volume control

The Mosaic UV multibit USB DAC contains our new discrete digital to analog converter.
Our digital to analog conversion uses I2S decoding and a balanced passive resistor matrix to produce the analog output signal.
After the conversion there are no active components and the DAC has a DC coupled output.
By using magnetic isolation on I2S, ground loops are avoided.
Our DAC and clock design reduce noise and jitter to extreme low levels.

Equilibrium image

SSD Music Server

  • UPNP/DNLA Music Server with upto 2 built-in SSD drives
  • Stand-alone, stream music from internal SSD drives
  • Use UNPN/DNLA control point via WLAN dongle
  • Integrated linear power supply
  • Linux console based OS
  • Absolute silent

Stand-alone UPNP/DNLA Music Server with internal SSD storage

The SSD Music Server is the ultimate stand-alone music source.
When not connected to a wired network (NAS) the music is streamed directly from SSD to DAC.
By using SSD and passive cooling the SSD Music Server is absolute silent.
Use a UPNP/DNLA control point on your phone/pad using SSD Music Server external WLAN dongle.



The performance of an audio set is only as good as the weakest link.
To achieve top performance each and every component in the audio set has to have top performance.

During the development of our audio components over the years we had to improve each component over and over again in order to improve the performance of the complete set.

Please keep in mind that upgrading one component in your audio set does not automatically improve the the overall sound quality of the whole set !

More often than not we had to simplify our designs in order to achieve best sound quality:

  • The amplifiers should not use global feedback so low-mid-high and transients can be reproduced accurately.
  • The speakers should use simplest filtering possible (1st order) and drivers must be able to accurately reproduce low (sonic resonator), mid (multiple drivers in series) and high (air motion transformer) with minimal distortion.
  • Volume control should be passive (resistors) without active components.
  • The DAC needs to be as pure as possible (passive resistor matrix) and I2S stream should be transformed into multiple short streams in order to achieve silent background and reveal details.
  • Source should be bitperfect, stand-alone (not connected to wired network/NAS), silent (SSD drives) and simple.

How does it sound ?

After the theory it’s time for music. Gordon selected a set of 5 audio tracks. And what happens? Almost total silence in the audience during all 5 audio tracks. This set managed to touch us. The sound can be described (in my own words) as controlled, very large sound stage, exact focus, and fast, especially fast. It’s as if the music is released and all barriers that still appear to exist are gone.

Impression of EC designs audio set at Dutch audio club on June 8, 2016 (in Dutch)
Impression of EC designs audio set at Dutch audio club on June 8, 2016 (Google Translate)