PowerDAC Series

Discrete multi-bit DA converters without -any- amplifier or buffer circuits in the signal path.

Balanced power-supply, digital switches and resistor attenuator are used to generate the output signal.
The PowerDAC-R is intended for driving amplifiers and headphones.
The PowerDAC-S is intended for driving speakers, amplifiers and headphones.
Both PowerDACs have a single Toslink input and offer high source immunity.
Source must be bitperfect, this can be verified with built-in tester.


Every component in an audio chain is imperfect and introduces extra degradation.

Less components in an audio chain will give less degradation. Our PowerDAC-R makes it possible to remove the pre-amp from the audio chain and directly drive the amplifier.
The PowerDAC-S now also removes the amplifier from the audio chain. The only thing left is a balanced power-supply and resistor attenuator that directly drive the speaker.


For many years we have been researching, improving and selling our discrete DACs and related products. This has resulted in new products nearly every year. We improved R2R with R4R (Mosaic series), created clean source (UPL/U192 and ElectroTos), Improved R4R with Fractal-7 converter (DA96), managed to minimise source noise/jitter for standard Toslink using DAPI receiver and further improved DAC with Fractal-31 converter. Most of these improvements are now implemented in our PowerDAC series DACs. Because there is nothing left to improve, we will now focus on production and sales.