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R&D - PowerDAC Blog about R&D of our PowerDACs 20-02-2021: picture of PowerDAC-R. More pictures of PowerDAC-R on bottom of this page.   21-04-2021: preview of PowerDAC-R. PowerDAC-RPreview on audiophilestyle.com     The Fractal PowerDAC was developed in order to remove active linear circuits like (discrete) OP-amps, buffers and similar analogue circuits and all related degrading! from the signal path. The idea is sound quality improvement by elimination of imperfect analogue circuits and interl [...]  Read more >


BIT-PERFECT TESTER Bit-perfect playback (same audio data is streamed as the data in the audio file) is required to get original (studio) sound quality. When digital audio data is manipulated (sample rate conversion, digital volume control, volume normalising, mixing) after mastering, it differs from the original and this difference translates to degraded (not realistic) sound. How can one be sure that a computer / streamer offers bit-perfect playback? One can check all settings and hope playback is bit-perfect, but one never [...]  Read more >

Improved USB interlink for digital audio

Improved USB interlink for digital audio USB was developed to connect peripherals like printers, scanners, mice, keyboards and storage devices to a PC, not for streaming digital audio. Incorrect received data can be re-sent as many times as required to ensure correct data transfer. The 5V USB bus power supply was intended to power peripherals that draw a maximum current of 500mA. Noise is of less importance as long as the peripheral works as intended. As computer-based digital audio streaming became popular, USB was (mis)used for digital audio st [...]  Read more >

Interlink Cables

Interlink Cables In order to maintain signal integrity of analogue signals we need audio interlinks that offer maximum signal to noise ratio and are able to handle very low level signals. We offer audio interlinks with double shielding to minimise pick-up of external interference signals, the double shielding also offers low DC resistance. Ground loop current passing the audio interlink shield and ground wiring create an ac voltage drop and inject noise. By minimising DC resistance of shield and ground wir [...]  Read more >

Use U192ETL and UPL96ETL with a Toslink DAC

Can the U192ETL and UPL96ETL be used with a Toslink DAC ? Both the U192ETL and UPL96ETL have a jumper on the back that selects either ElectroTos or S/PDIF protocol. Using the ElectroTos cable included with the UPL96ETL and U192ETL you can connect the output to a DAC with Toslink input. Both U192ETL and esp. the UPL96ETL reference transport have a very clean output and optical signal isolation. Both can be used to improve the sound quality of all existing Toslink DACs   Read more >


U192ETL This USB to ElectroTos translator makes it possible to use the new ElectroTos interface and all its advantages with existing USB audio sources (PC, laptop, streamer). It is bus powered by the USB audio source, so no external power supply is required. Power supply filters inside the translator clean up the USB bus power supply to obtain clean supply voltages for the translator circuits. The USB translator supports both, standard S/PDIF and low jitter ElectroTos protocols. It can be used with existing DACs (S [...]  Read more >
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