ECdesigns info on Lithium Cells/Batteries contained in equipment

The batteries contained in our audio equipment are classified as UN3481

Lithium Ion batteries contained in equipment

≤  20 Wh, ≤ 4 Cells, ≤ 2 batteries

Shipment is packed according PI967 - Section II

Link: 2500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery 9,25 Wh test report

Link: 1700 mAh Lithium Ion Battery 6,29 Wh test report

Link: 320 mAh Lithium Ion Battery 1,18 Wh test report

Link to photos internal view of our products with Lithium batteries:

Link: Photos internal view MOS24

Link: Photos internal view MOS16

Link: Photos internal view UPL24

Link: Photos internal view UPL16

Link: Photos internal view SVC

All batteries contained/used in our audio equipment are equipped with a PCM (see test reports).
This PCM prevents short circuits and under voltage cut-off protection.

If import into your country of Lithium Ion batteries contained in equipment - UN3481/PI967 - Section II  is prohibited, please let us know so we can take measures to prevent this.

email: info@ecdesigns.nl