Discrete Hi-Res multi-bit DAC with clean battery power supply.

The compact Hi-Res MOS24 Hi-Res DAC is powered by a clean battery power supply that can be charged with an external 5V/1A adapter.

This battery power supply eliminates all mains power supply related issues. The MOS24 consumes approx. 80 milliwatts so the battery lasts up to 100 hours without charging.

The Toslink interface eliminates ground loops and related ground loop interference from the source. The modern S/PDIF receiver and innovative D/A converter reduce jitter spectrum to almost inaudible level.

Discrete circuits are used to minimise interference. The discrete segmented hybrid multibit D/A converter provides a very clean, DC-coupled fixed audio signal. Unlike most conventional multibit DACs the MOS24 does not require the MSBs for low level signals, this results in superb low level performance.

Unique bit switching current scaling offers low output impedance, high accuracy and very low interference.

Sample rate and lock detection are presented on a white LED display. The display is driven statically in order to eliminate switching noise.

Rear view.

Inside view.

Inside view with Lithium Polymer battery installed.

 Why buy a MOS24 ?


  • no CPU noise
  • no DSP noise
  • no fan noise
  • no transformer noise
  • no SMPS noise
  • no display controller noise

Low power consumption:

  • 93 milliwatts


  • Charge with any 5V/1A (phone) charger that has a USB A port for charging
  • MOS24 is only charged when ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position
  • MOS24 is completely disconnected from charger when ON/OFF switch is in the ON position
  • Single charger (not included) could be used to charge multiple devices by charging the devices one by one


  • Bitperfect playback
  • Optical Toslink interface that offers perfect galvanic insulation with zero stray capacitance
  • Realistic HIGH-RES music reproduction with a surprising amount of detail

MOS24 User Guide

Width 24 cm
Length 15 cm
Height 3,2 cm
Power supply Built-in re-chargable Lithium Polymer battery 3.7V 
Charger (not included!) DC 5V/1A - USB A socket + cable to USB B
Output sockets 2x RCA
Input sockets 1x Toslink, 1x USB B for charging
Supported sample-rates 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96
Supported bit-depth 16 / 24
Output impedance 750 Ohm