R & D

Future developments

For 2019 we have planned the following new developments:

Solar/Mains Powerpack

Development of a 48V Powerpack that can be charged by a single solar panel (without inverter) and/or by mains power.

The Powerpack will be equipped with multiple USB A sockets so all our other battery powered products (and your phone) can be charged from the Powerpack. It will then be possible to run completely off the grid using solar power only!

The MBV will get an update (extra socket) so it can also be powered from the Powerpack.

The batteries we want use in the Powerpack will be regular lead-acid gel 12 V, will require 4 batteries and will result in a compact Powerpack.

Big open-baffle speaker

Using Tangband 8" full-range driver + Eminence woofers in open-baffle we created a very efficient 90 dB speaker that is an ideal match for the MBV. This speaker has already been tested for several month and we only need to take it into production.

Small open-baffle speaker

Using 2" Tangband driver + Visaton woofers in a small open-baffle we created a small efficient 88 dB speaker that also is an ideal match for the MBV but more suited for smaller rooms.

Headphone buffer with integrated sliding volume control + RC

This development will be based on the SVC but then using a single volume slider and buffer with dual batteries.