Slider based studio quality volume control with RC.

The compact SVC offers passive analogue volume control in its purest form, a potentiometer. Two studio quality motorised servo slider potentiometers ensure accurate remote controlled volume adjustment.

The SVC runs on a clean battery power supply that can be charged with an external 5V/1A adapter. The battery is charged only when the SVC is switched off, when switched on the SVC disconnects both terminals from the battery to the adapter

This battery power supply eliminates all mains power supply related issues. The single resistive elements and absence of relay contacts and cascaded resistor strings provides good signal quality.

Micro controller based servo control adjusts each potentiometer within 0.1mm accuracy for excellent tracking. The long 100mm sliding distance offers higher accuracy compared to a shorter track in a rotary potentiometer.

The micro controller is shut down after adjustment so it won't generate any interference. The volume setting (64 steps) is displayed on a white LED display.

The display is driven statically in order to eliminate switching noise.

Rear view.

Inside view.

Inside view with battery.


 Why buy a SVC ?


  • no transformer noise
  • no SMPS noise
  • no display controller noise
  • no CPU noise (after adjustment of volume CPU goes into stand-by with clock stopped)

Low power consumption:

  • ?? milliwatts
  • ?? milliwatts in stand-by (after adjustment of volume)


  • Charge with any 5V/1A (phone) charger that has a USB A port for charging
  • SVC is only charged when ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position
  • SVC is completely disconnected from charger while in ON position
  • Single charger (not included) could be used to charge multiple devices by charging the devices one by one


  • Studio quality motorised servo slider
  • Passive analogue volume control
  • No extra contacts/switches in signal path
  • RC controlled

SVC User Guide

SVC Width 24 cm
SVC Length 15 cm
SVC Height 3,2 cm
SVC Weight
RC Width 5,5 cm
RC Length 16,8 cm
RC Height 1,5 cm
RC Weight
Power supply Built-in re-chargable Lithium Polymer battery 3.7V 
SCV Charger (not included !) DC 5V/1A - USB A socket + cable to USB B
RC Charger (not included !) DC 5V/1A - USB A socket + cable to mini USB B
Output sockets 2x RCA
Input sockets 2x RCA
Slave output connector 2 pin header