Compact Hi-Res USB-stick based WAV player.

The compact UPL24 Hi-Res USB-stick based WAV player is powered by a clean battery power supply that can be charged with an external 5V/1A adapter.

This battery power supply eliminates all mains power supply related issues.

The UPL24 has a Toslink output that eliminates ground loops and related ground loop interference.

It is a very clean digital audio source that is easy to use without hassle. Master clock scaling and low power operation provide a very low interference level.

The UPL24 supports up to 99 CDs and up to 99 tracks for each CD (9801 tracks in total) on a single USB memory stick. USB sticks can be identified by a number between 1 and 9999. Sequential or shuffle playback plus selectable extra information about the audio tracks.

The supplied infrared RC controls all the functions of the UPL24.

The UPL24 supports 44.1/16 ... 96/24. Status Information is displayed on a white LED display. The display is driven statically in order to eliminate switching noise.

Rear view.

Inside view.

Inside view with Lithium Polymer battery installed.

Infrared RC.

 Why buy a UPL24 ?


  • no fan noise
  • no transformer noise
  • no SMPS noise
  • no display controller noise
  • no flac/alac decoding noise
  • no DSP noise
  • no HDD noise
  • no CD player servo/laser noise

Low power consumption:

  • 244 milliwatts while playing 44.1/16 WAV
  • 37 milliwatts in stand-by
  • WAV files need not be de-compressed by processor but are just passed through, this saves power


  • Charge with any 5V/1A (phone) charger that has a USB A port for charging
  • UPL24 is only charged when ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position
  • UPL24 is completely disconnected from charger when ON/OFF switch is in the ON position
  • Single charger (not included) could be used to charge multiple devices by charging the devices one by one


  • Bitperfect playback (how do you know if music streamed from PC/NAS/internet is bitperfect ?)
  • Optical Toslink interface that offers perfect galvanic insulation with zero stray capacitance
  • Simple playback of all CD/tracks with or without shuffle
  • Create a playlist USB-stick by just copying selected CD/tracks and play with or without shuffle
  • Playback experience similar to CD player
  • By copying CD/tracks to USB stick you also have an extra backup of your music
  • Playback stand-alone without PC, NAS, network or internet

Sample rate accuracy:

The UPL24 can be used with all DACs that support S/PDIF input with sample rate accuracy of at least 200 ppm (0,02%).
These DACs typically use an analogue S/PDIF receiver chip (Wolfson, Cirrus, TI, AK).
DACs that use a Digital S/PDIF receiver (DPLL/synchronous reclocker) often require an accuracy of 50 ppm (0,005%), these DACs will probably not lock-in on the UPL24 Toslink output.
If you want to use the UPL24 in combination with a DAC other than the MOS16 or MOS24 please check the specs of the DAC you want to use, or contact your supplier before buying the UPL24.

UPL24 User Guide

UPL24 Width 24 cm
UPL24 Length 15 cm
UPL24 Height 3,2 cm
UPL24 Weight
RC Width 5,5 cm
RC Length 16,8 cm
RC Height 1,5 cm
RC Weight
UPL24 Charger (not included !) DC 5V/1A - USB A socket + cable to USB B
RC Charger (not included !) DC 5V/1A - USB A socket + cable to mini USB B
Output socket 1x Toslink
Input sockets 1x USB B socket for charging, 1x USB B socket reserved for firmware update
USB stick socket 1x USB A socket (front)
Sample rate accuracy 200 ppm (0,02%)