corona impact on production and sales

Currently we are starting-up production of our new line of audio products. We have enough stock for a limited number of products, but we cannot foresee if all needed components will be available in time for the next batch. Therefore we will limit sales to people that have already pre-ordered our products, and only sell to countries in the EU. Directly buying from our webshop will not be possible for now. The OB100 Active open baffle speaker is planned for production end of this year. If you are interes [...]  Read more >

Use U192ETL and UPL96ETL with a Toslink DAC

Can the U192ETL and UPL96ETL be used with a Toslink DAC ? Both the U192ETL and UPL96ETL have a jumper on the back that selects either ElectroTos or S/PDIF protocol. Using the ElectroTos cable included with the UPL96ETL and U192ETL you can connect the output to a DAC with Toslink input. Both U192ETL and esp. the UPL96ETL reference transport have a very clean output and optical signal isolation. Both can be used to improve the sound quality of all existing Toslink DACs   Read more >
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