PowerDAC-R PowerDAC-R (RCA): The PowerDAC-R featuring our new DAPI board converts Toslink input into extreme low noise parallel data driving our improved Fractal DAC. With this DAC you can now use any Toslink source as long as it outputs bitperfect data (e.g. no DSP / no MQA / no volume control). Instead of endless efforts in "cleaning up" the equipement driving your source (Ethernet, PS , cables etc.) you can now concentrate on amplification and speakers. Design: The Fractal PowerDAC was developed in order to [...]  Read more >

UT96 USB to Toslink converter

UT96 USB to Toslink converter UT96 USB to Toslink converter The UT96 is a simple USB to Toslink converter with a software generated s/pdif output using a single microcontroller + clock. It supports 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz with word-length of 16/24 bit.  Read more >


IRC IRC Remote Control for PowerDAC-R The PowerDAC-R has a built-in IR receiver to adjust volume and muting using the IRC Remote Control for PowerDAC-R. The built-in battery can be recharged using USB 5V though a USB mini cable.   Read more >


BIT-PERFECT TESTER Bit-perfect playback (same audio data is streamed as the data in the audio file) is required to get original (studio) sound quality. When digital audio data is manipulated (sample rate conversion, digital volume control, volume normalising, mixing) after mastering, it differs from the original and this difference translates to degraded (not realistic) sound. How can one be sure that a computer / streamer offers bit-perfect playback? One can check all settings and hope playback is bit-perfect, but one never [...]  Read more >

Improved USB interlink for digital audio

Improved USB interlink for digital audio USB was developed to connect peripherals like printers, scanners, mice, keyboards and storage devices to a PC, not for streaming digital audio. Incorrect received data can be re-sent as many times as required to ensure correct data transfer. The 5V USB bus power supply was intended to power peripherals that draw a maximum current of 500mA. Noise is of less importance as long as the peripheral works as intended. As computer-based digital audio streaming became popular, USB was (mis)used for digital audio st [...]  Read more >
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