Bit-perfect playback (same audio data is streamed as the data in the audio file) is required to get original (studio) sound quality. When digital audio data is manipulated (sample rate conversion, digital volume control, volume normalising, mixing) after mastering, it differs from the original and this difference translates to degraded (not realistic) sound.

How can one be sure that a computer / streamer offers bit-perfect playback? One can check all settings and hope playback is bit-perfect, but one never knows for sure. It would be a shame if the the sound is always slightly degraded just because of one wrong setting or after a software update.

The Bit-perfect tester is a measuring instrument that measures if playback is bit perfect and if it stays bit-perfect. Simply plug the USB stick size tester in the PC/streamer USB output and play the supplied audio test files. During testing the white LED flashes for each successful pass (20 passes in total) and stays on when all 20 passes are successful and bit-perfect playback is obtained.

Orange LED indicates when streaming has started, 4 yellow LEDs indicate the detected sample rate (44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 KHz) using thermometer scale.

This affordable compact tester is a must have for every serious audiophile, it's similar to a multi meter for an electronic engineer.

To test bit perfect tester download the zip file with 8 wav test files below.

The files that start with bp_test are the files that should be used to test for bit-perfect playback.

Use the file corresponding with the selected sample rate on computer/streamer.

Play these from the start, notice exactly 20 flashes from white LED on bit perfect tester AND then the white LED should stay on for the rest of the file playback.

As reference we also created 4 wav files with a deliberate error, if you load the bp_error-44.wav file in a wav viewer/editor you should spot the errors easily.

The other three have only a minor error, can you spot them ?
The error files should always result in the white BP LED off, and you should notice less than 20 blinks during playback (bit-perfect fail)

Download Bit perfect tester test files (8 wav files):