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AI050 Audio Interlink cable 0,5 mtr

3-4 weeks

€50.00 Tax excluded

€50.00 per 2

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Length 0,5 mtr.
Number of cables supplied 2 (L+R)

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AI050 Audio Interlink cable 0,5 mtr

In order to maintain signal integrity of analogue signals we need audio interlinks that offer maximum signal to noise ratio and are able to handle very low level signals. We offer audio interlinks with double shielding to minimise pick-up of external interference signals, the double shielding also offers low DC resistance. Ground loop current passing the audio interlink shield and ground wiring create an ac voltage drop and inject noise. By minimising DC resistance of shield and ground wiring we can minimise ac noise injection via the shield and ground wires within the interlink. The signal wire can be stranded or solid, listening tests revealed that solid wire gives a slightly clearer sound as there is only one single signal path instead of multiple signal path when using stranded wire. The interlink isolation material has impact on losses, we use PTFE insulation for the signal wire and a heat resistant outer sleeve. All wiring is silver plated in order to prevent oxidation of the copper wire. Tin also protects against oxidation but electrical conductivity is much less compared to copper and silver. Our audio interlinks have a capacitance of 60pF/meter or 60pF/39.37".