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Efficient mains powered DC-coupled MOSFET monoblock

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Data sheet

Height 6 cm
Width 24 cm
Depth 26 cm
Weight 2.8 kg
Power supply 220 V / AC
Power consumption (normal) 20 W rms in 8 Ohm, 35 W rms in 4 Ohm
Power consumption (standby) 11 W

More info

Efficient mains powered DC-coupled MOSFET monoblock

The compact MBV is an efficient mains powered DC-coupled MOSFET monoblock that only requires approx. 11 watts idling power.

It has a unique gain selector (x5, x10, x20) that makes it possible to minimise attenuation with the volume control. This in turn greatly improves SN ratio and reveals much more detail at lower listening levels.

The gain setting is displayed on a white LED display that is statically driven in order to eliminate switching noise..

The novel symmetrical delta input stage offers large closed loop bandwidth (500KHz ... 2 MHz) and low distortion.

Novel speaker sensing feedback system minimises crossover distortion and maintains very ow distortion when a real world speaker is connected to the amplifier. This feedback system allows for corrections before distortion occurs and maintains perfect control over the speaker.

It outputs 20W rms in 8 Ohms and 35W rms in 4 Ohms. The output is not protected in order to eliminate distortion (load dependent relay contact resistance for example) introduced by these protection systems. Single ended input, 10K Ohm input impedance.