U192ETL This USB to ElectroTos translator makes it possible to use the new ElectroTos interface and all its advantages with existing USB audio sources (PC, laptop, streamer). It is bus powered by the USB audio source, so no external power supply is required. Power supply filters inside the translator clean up the USB bus power supply to obtain clean supply voltages for the translator circuits. The USB translator supports both, standard S/PDIF and low jitter ElectroTos protocols. It can be used with existing DACs (S [...]  Lees verder >


UPL96ETL This is a very clean digital audio -reference- source for people who want to be absolutely sure that playback is bit-perfect and noise and jitter are reduced to lowest practical levels. The player supports both, standard S/PDIF and low jitter ElectroTos protocols, so it can be used with existing DACs (S/PDIF protocol) or our new Fractal DAC (ElectroTos low jitter protocol). This player is based on a single, low noise processor that produces only a fraction of noise compared to PC, laptop, RPI or streamer. L [...]  Lees verder >


DA96ETF The Fractal DAC is the end result in the quest for the holy grail in digital audio: realistic music reproduction. So here it is, the DAC that finally accomplishes what many have been waiting for since the introduction of digital audio in October 1982. When looking for a new DAC it is obvious that one looks at technical specs. Better specs must surely translate to better sound .... or not? Do we really capture all relevant DAC parameters with the tests we carry out? Why does every DAC with similar superb tec [...]  Lees verder >


SVC24 We have to attenuate the DAC output signal one way or the other. What would be better than connecting the DAC output directly to the power amp (minimum losses) and simply use digital (software) volume control? This approach always feeds full DAC output noise into the power amplifier, regardless of volume setting (noise is not attenuated together with the signal). This translates to poor SN ratio, something we want to avoid in order to get maximum resolution. Software volume control needs to change the origi [...]  Lees verder >


ElectroTos This new digital audio interface maintains low noise and low jitter. It can be used to improve the sound quality of all existing Toslink DACs. The transmitter side (digital audio source) is connected to a coaxial cable through a RCA connector. At the end of the coaxial cable there is an optical connector compatible with the Toslink input on the DAC. So this is a combination of an electrical interface (low jitter) and an optical interface (low noise, elimination of ground loops). The required signal level is [...]  Lees verder >
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