This is a very clean digital audio -reference- source for people who want to be absolutely sure that playback is bit-perfect and noise and jitter are reduced to lowest practical levels. The player supports both, standard S/PDIF and low jitter ElectroTos protocols, so it can be used with existing DACs (S/PDIF protocol) or our new Fractal DAC (ElectroTos low jitter protocol). This player is based on a single, low noise processor that produces only a fraction of noise compared to PC, laptop, RPI or streamer. Local system clock (24 MHz) and 4 separate audio clocks (22.5792MHz, 24.576 MHz, 45.1584MHz and 49.152 MHz) ensure lowest practical jitter levels. Special synchroniser / driver circuit ensures that the output jitter does not exceed audio clock jitter. ElectroTos completely insulates the PC and connected player from the DAC, eliminating ground loop noise. The player is powered by the USB port from PC that is used for controlling playback, so no external power supply is required.  Power supply filters inside the player clean up the USB bus power supply to obtain clean supply voltages for the player circuits. The player supports 44.1/16 ... 96/24.


There now are two applications available for use with UPL96ETL

Our UPL remote application:

Digital audio WAV files that contain ID3v2.3.0 meta data (artwork, text) are stored on a USB stick that can be plugged into the player. Up to 999 CDs and up to 99 tracks / CD are supported on each USB stick. The player is connected to a PC through USB, the PC only provides graphical remote control and power. The meta data of each new inserted memory stick will be downloaded to a local database on the PC. You can either download the metadata directly from the USB stick inserted in the UPL or download (large) USB sticks from the PC where the UPL remote software is running. This enables the UPL remote app (Linux, mac OS, Windows and RPI4) to quickly display and access music albums without communication to the UPL96ETL. The meta data from the database is then used to display a grid with CD cover art and when clicked you get a single CD view with cover art, control block and tracks on CD. During playback there is radio silence on the USB to PC interface, so no noise is generated.

Download links to UPL remote software/firmware and documentation

UPL v1 Firmware 1.08 -> 99 CD
UPL remote 1.1 software Windows
UPL remote 1.1 software macOS
UPL remote 1.1 software Linux
UPL remote 1.1 software RPI4
UPL remote v2 User Guide
UPL v2 Firmware 2.05 -> 999 CD
UPL remote 2.0 software Windows
Readme v2 Windows
UPL remote 2.0 software macOS
Readme v2 macOS
UPL remote 2.0 software Linux
Readme v2 Linux
UPL remote 2.0 software RPI4
Readme v2 RPI4
STM Loader Windows
STM Loader macOS
STM Loader Linux

The UPLPLayer third party application:

One of our customers, wanting to benefit from the high quality sound of the UPL96ETL while having an easy access to his entire album collection, came up with the idea of using digital audio WAV files with cue sheets to store complete CDs in single wav files. This makes it possible to store up to 98.901 CDs on a single USB stick or USB SSD. Albums can be played gaplessly as all tracks are merged in a single file. He developed an alternative application to scan the content of USB drives, read the track detail in the cue-sheets and display the albums and tracks on a web page that controls the playback of the UPL96ETL

Download links to UPLPlayer software and documentation

UPLPlayer documentation
UPLPlayer Readme
UPLPlayer Software